Online shop support

Marketing support

We provide marketing materials (videos, high quality images, posters, reward cards, etc.) and sales support in different segments (online marketing, in-store TV and radio, TV commercial, short product movies).

Video materials

Our European designers were carefully constructing this stay-cool

Market control

With reasonable pricing all partners are able to find it’s way for th ebest pricing startegy with our product range.

Logistic services from A to Z

Overall logistic services (from the factory to the shelf of the partner) are provided worldwide (from our 10.000 m2 warehouse in Hungary or with dierct shipment from China).

Website support

We give you advice how to build up your website to optimise sales, and unleash all potentials.

Flexible payment conditions

We offer taylor-made, flexible payment conditions, depending on the possibilities of the partner and the markets.

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