Bronze Titan collection

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Strong, durable coating, which makes your cookware more resistant for a longer period with forming only one protective layer on its surface. This coating is 3 times more resistant than a regular one.

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The waterproof quality protects it from corrosion, the hardness of the material provides a firm grip and its durability ensures a longer lifespan. Thanks to the riveted joint, it does not transfer heat, making it a practical and elegant piece of your kitchen. Cookware with a stainless steel handle can be placed in the oven.

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Eco friendly

All our coating does not contain harmful substances. PFOA, LEAD & CADMIUM free.

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This item family cookware body is made of forged aluminum with very high thermal conductivity.

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This enhanced turbo induction bottom is able to achieve the same efficiency using much less energy, therefore the pot is much more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, in addition to being extremely cost-effective.

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All our packaging is made of high quality material. Free protector is given to single items, which makes the storage compact and safe. This cookware can be placed together with it without scratching the coating.

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All our product is made by european designer team, according to individual industrial design. The individual design is always protected by patent. Thus the product of our company is always unique in market.

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360° solution

Our company has a comprehensive product range from this product line in electrical and mechanical devices, knives, cook and bakeware and other kitchen and household accessories.

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